Is really android device battery drain quickly?

When it comes to the android devices, the most frequently asked question is that it’s true that is battery drain quickly than other phones. The answer is yes, it does, and however, there are few things you can do to avoid that.

There are various ways by which your phone battery drainage can be avoided easily:

  • The first thing you must do to avoid the battery drainage is to do some preventive measures. These include the turning on of the battery saver. This option is now available in every kind of phone s7 battery drain these days. It will prevent using of battery in other hidden activity.
  • Turning on the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and hotspot for no reason can also drain the battery in the matter of minutes. So when you are not using your phone, make sure to close all the apps and reduce the backlight of the screen as well. Also avoid playing games with loud music for a long period of time. Subscribing many websites can also make your battery low.
  • Now a day, we all have the phones which can open all the apps in different tabs. Now you don’t have to close one app in order to open the other. This is convenient, but it will take a lot of your battery as well. So the best thing to do is to turn off the apps in the background to reduce the space and battery consumption on the phone.
  • Another way to save your battery is to keep a check on it while charging. Only few people know that over charging your phone can make your battery weak and this way it gets drained quickly.
  • There are other reasons for the battery drainage too. One of them is that batteries have a lifetime. At that time, you can use it like you want. With the passage of time, the capacity of the battery decreases and it loses its ability to store charge for a long time. This affects the battery timing of your cellphone too. To resolve this problem, you have to replace your battery with a new one.
  • If you have replaced your battery, but still it loses charge quickly, there are other issues related with it too. One of them is the issue of phone IC. When the IC circuits are damaged or burned due to some reason, they will pressurize the battery to lose more charge. These issues are very difficult to resolve so the best way to deal with that is by replacing your phone. It is better to use your phone with a lot of care to avoid these issues. Make sure to read the important instructions in the booklet.
  • Free APK Download files can also make it difficult to store charge. The more apps you will have in your cell, the more battery your phone will consume. So make sure you install only the ones you need and delete all the extra things from your phone.