Top 5 Touchscreen Vending Machines in the World

Top 5 Touchscreen Vending Machines in the World

This is the era of science and technology. There was a time when the first vending machine was launched way back somewhere in the 16th century with simple manual functionalities. When I say ‘simple functionalities’, I am surely talking about recent times. However, at that point of time in 16th century, those machines were known as a giant step in technology.

As of now, the technology is moving on and on and now we are moving towards the touch screen technologies as stated in manual. As per vending machines are concerned, touch screen vending machines can be seen in different places and are quickly replacing the traditional vending machines as well. So it is quite evident that in 10 20 years, only the digital touch screen machines will be on the scene.

Today we’ll talk about top 5 touch screen vending machines in the world.

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 1) Acure Touchscreen Vending Machine

This machine is literally a big step towards the next generation vending machines. Acure is a large format, heavy duty touch screen vending machine where payments can be made with both card and cash methods by using NFC technologies.

Another big plus of Acure touch screen vending machine is its capacity to employ targeted marketing techniques. An integrated sensor placed above the touch screen allows the age and gender of each customer to be determined so the machine can recommend the drink options most likely to fit with that specific demographic.

2) Coca Cola FreeStyle

Forbes stated this machine as the coolest product of the decade. Coca Cola FreeStyle has been in the news across fast food chains in the United States.

During London Olympics, the Coca Cola FreeStyle vending machines were installed in the selected spots in the capital city. Its unique dispenser utilizes innovative technology to dispense more than 100 different brands and still beverages from a single freestanding unit.

3) Kraft Foods DIJI-Taste

Kraft Foods DIJI-Taste vending machines is also mentioned in manual as future picked technology in forth coming years. This vending machine is a joint venture of Intel and Kraft Foods as a high – tech approach, especially to product sampling. Its full lighted LCD touchscreen engages the consumers from three sides. Facial recognition technology and social networking functions center the experience on the consumer.

4) Pepsi Social Vending Machine

On the 4th in list is Pepsi Social Vending Machine. The central idea behind the Pepsi incorporates gratification is to increase the customer engagement towards its products. It basically falls in new interactive digital signage vending concept category where consumers can not only use the machine for simple vending but also can play games on the digital signage screen to win gifts sent these gifts to their friend via machine too.

5) Coca Cola Interactive Vending

This machine is very much similar to Pepsi Social machine in most of the functions with some added technologies such as it can take a photo and send it to you via email. Coca Cola has made a huge impact with their Coca Cola interactive Vending machine as they make purchasing a bottle of Coca-Cola a fun.

This way, is ending its top 5 list here.