Organizations with an integrated electronic document management system like Document Control Norway dedicated to all their information are considerably more efficient than those still relying on paper files and records. Companies that work with their digital documents but operate a traditional file structure suffer as much as organizations that still rely on paper. Time is constantly lost looking in different locations for misplaced documents. Added to this is the proliferation of versions of the same file, which leads to errors and induces tasks with little added value. Without a mastery of the management of their documents, it is difficult for companies to impose a reliable organization of data and to optimize their internal processes.

Many studies of general office automation practices highlight the potential of economies. Annual expenditures generated by a traditional paper environment are sadly high. The costs of physical storage, personnel, supplies, and the task of finding scattered documents add up quickly. A digital document management solution not only gradually eliminates annual expenses but also allows employees to spend less time on them.

Beyond a real increase in efficiency in the daily management of information, the electronic document has many other assets, certainly more difficult to quantify but which have a significant weight in the modern work environment: access Secure with authorization control management, data loss prevention, mobile access, automatic backup, convenient and secure collaboration tools with partners external to the company and personalized workflow. Bridging gaps in these areas is another reason why many companies have put in place a Dokument kontroll system.

Assai-software, aims to inform visitors of the benefits, trends and best practices in the field of electronic document management, enterprise content management, information management enterprise and the intelligent management of information.

Assai-software enterprise information management solutions revolutionize the ECM market by eliminating information “silos” and providing fast, direct access to content from any system or device. Assai-software provides higher levels of user acceptance resulting in faster ROI with a unique intuitive ECM approach that relies on information management based on the “nature of the content And not on its storage “location”. With its flexible deployment options in-situ, in the cloud and in hybrid version,

Assai-software was born of a simple observation: the research, the sharing and the follow-up of the files and their various versions are a very widespread source of problems in the companies … to solve this recurrent problem would make it possible to realize measurable productivity gains. Since our inception, we have opened offices and expanded our network of partners around the world. Our products are now available.