Top 8 July Apps for Android

In this review, we would like to give you a list of the most interesting and useful apps that have attracted our attention in the past month. Here, you will find new apps as well as some oldies, which have received some significant updates.
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1. Gboard

This Google keyboard is getting smarter and smarter with every update. In the new version, Gboard has learned to choose the emoticons based on your drawing. It is enough just to draw the desired symbol with your finger and the clever algorithm will immediately give you a corresponding emoticon.

2. Brightness Tweak

A small utility called Brightness Tweak will be useful for fans of night reading. With its help, you can set the brightness value to a lower level than that specified by the manufacturer. The utility was created by a programmer whose nickname is Arbusk and the app can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

3. Face Swap

The Face Swap application is another product of Microsoft’s experimental development department. It can cut the user’s face from the photo and then paste it in any other picture. The application uses tricky algorithms, thanks to which the color and location of your face just perfectly fit into the picture. The results are amazing at times.

4. Nimses

Nimses has been released fairly recently, but it is now considered by some to be the most high-profile project of 2017. This is a social network of a new type, where users can publish their photos, give likes, chat in chat rooms and receive remuneration in the form of nims – the internal currency of the project.

5. Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinners have gained immense popularity all over the world. But if you do not have an actual fidget spinner – it is okay, as you can play with a virtual one. Fidget Spinner introduces a competitive element in the game: you have the opportunity to spin the spinner only five times, and you need to gain the maximum number of revolutions.

6. Key Mapper

By default, the hardware buttons of a smartphone serve to perform three actions: return to the previous page, go to home screen and view the list of running applications. The Key Mapper program gives these buttons the ability to further distinguish between double and long taps. Each of these actions can be used to map the desired function.

7. Adobe Scan

The new application from Adobe will turn your smartphone into a portable document scanner. Adobe Scan will process any documents that you take pictures of and will recognize the text on them and save them in PDF format to Adobe Cloud.

8. Nova Launcher

Many users have already become accustomed to the intelligent assistant called Google Now. However, it has one big drawback: it only works as part of the Google launcher. The creators of Nova Launcher were able to bypass this limitation letting you enjoy Google Now using their launcher.
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