Android games for free – download from 9apps  

Android games for free – download from 9apps  

9Apps founded by Alibaba Group is similar to play store where you get vast options of apps to download and enjoy. It is becoming famous due to many features that are not available in play store. It can be accessed on web and app form and is supported by any android version starting from 2.1 to the latest android version. The best feature is that once you download 9App, an apk is downloaded to your phone’s memory which takes very less space and gives high internet speed to download apps. This apk file can be used to retrieve all your apps in case your phone gets formatted.

User Interface and access:

The user interface is so easy and convenient to use that you will definitely find the app you are looking for from the vast variety of apps available. Once you open the web version of 9 apps, there are categories and sub categories of apps within that particular category. Under app you can browse by category, topic, objective, audience and feature. These sub divisions make search so simple and easy. You can download stickers, themes and ringtones for your android mobile as well. Further you get the options of New, Top and hot to choose from these sub categories. All the apps present on 9 Apps are safe to download and download super fast.

What do you need to download 9 Apps?

All you need is a smart phone or tablet with android version 2.3 or greater and at least 1.5 mb of space to download 9 apps. The apps get downloaded real quickly and do not take much space in your phone’s memory. With this, you can download many apps at a single time and the space consumed will also be less.

Why download 9 apps?

  • There are plenty of options when downloading games. The user interface on 9App makes it easier to choose from these options.
  • You have search engines also to filter your search and you would not need to search the million games available.
  • Apart from this, there is a list of recommendations updated by experts who are continuously working on uploading and getting new and exclusive apps.
  • 9 apps not just gives you options of games, but even downloads then super fast and takes very less space as well.
  • There are some games that you would like to try and would need you to pay for it on play store. But that’s not the case in 9 Apps. All apps are free. Even the exclusive ones!
  • You can download the .apk file of the game even if your storage is full. This feature is not available in play store.
  • Keeps you constantly updated with the latest apps.


9Apps is a play store where one can download many apps including the exclusive and new apps for free. The user interface is very clear and convenient. To add, who wouldn’t like to get high speed download and save the phone’s memory at the same time.